Challenges and Risks Faced by Indigenous Peoples in Today's Brazil: Unpacking Vulnerability and Multiple Reactions




This research will connect up disconnected disciplinary discourses and disparate analytical approaches to the intensification of genocide, epistemicide and ecocide trends affecting indigenous peoples. There is an urgent need to systematise the more recent trends and interrogate the deteriorating human rights situation together with the affected populations, their strategic allies and broader civil society. The project will combine the assessment and classification of rising violence rates, analysis of conflicting speeches, inclusive workshops and case studies ? which will involve participant observation, workshops, video and interview recordings, artistic expressions (music, drawings, drama (participatory theatre), focus groups, etc.) that communicate suffering and impacts on the community ? that will all foster a dialogue between indigenous communities, allied organisations and researchers to shared experiences to better comprehend past legacies of violence, mounting pressures, the diversity of responses and reactions. 12-months pilot research on rising indigenous violence will pave the way for further studies and offer innovative theoretical contribution in terms of the understanding and theorisation of contemporary land-based conflicts.


Roberto Luiz do Carmo