19 a 21 de maio de 2016 / 19-21 May 2016

Escola de Educação Corporativa da Universidade (Educorp)
Universidade Estadual de Campinas – University of Campinas
Campinas – São Paulo/ Brazil


We are pleased to announce the International Seminar on Registering and Counting the Population: the production and exploration of census information from early modern times to the end of the 20th century, to be held at Universidade Estadual de Campinas (University of Campinas), Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil, next May.

There will be simultaneous translation.


The seminar will take place at the Escola de Educação Corporativa da Universidade (Educorp), Rua Saturnino de Brito, 323, University campus, Campinas (see map).


Since its founding in 1966, UNICAMP has greatly valued the presence of foreign visitors within its academic community. UNICAMP welcomes citizens from all countries and their presence has made our campus a lively multicultural place.

The purpose of this Guide is to acquaint the participants of IUSSP Seminar on Registering and Counting the Population with our institution and to make your stay here a rewarding one. Also, we will provide useful information that will help you plan your trip to Brazil and to Campinas.

The University

The University campus is named after its founding father, Zeferino Vaz, who dreamed of UNICAMP and saw its birth in 1966. The sloping verdant meadows where it is located used to be coffee and sugar cane plantations. Nowadays they house a two-million square-meter university campus, luxuriant with parks and flowering trees. There are also a campus in the city of Limeira and one dedicated to Dentistry in Piracicaba, another neighboring city.

The University has approximately 17000 undergraduate and 20000 graduate students. The majority of the undergraduate students come from São Paulo state, while the graduate students come from literally all over the nation. There are nearly 1,800 faculty members, 98% with a Ph.D.

UNICAMP is a public university fully supported by the State of São Paulo. It has also access to private and public research funds.

Like in all Brazilian public education institutions, our students (Brazilian or foreign) do not pay tuition fees and have access to subsidized restaurants in campus.


University of Campinas
Cidade Universitária "Zeferino Vaz"
Barão Geraldo - Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil


A city originally named for its meadows, Campinas was founded in 1774. With a population of nearly one million people, Campinas is today an important and growing educational, industrial and financial center. The main university campus lies 16 kilometers north of the city center.

As most Brazilian big cities, Campinas has cinemas, theaters, museums, parks, and fine shopping malls. Restaurants serve a variety of regional and international dishes while pubs, here called “barzinhos”, are popular meeting places for stimulating conversations and great live music.

Campinas is also the home of two popular soccer teams: Guarani and Ponte Preta. Recreation in the vicinity of Campinas is rich and varied. São Paulo, one of the world´s largest cities and an important cultural center, is located 100 kilometers southeast of Campinas - a one-hour ride by car or bus. In addition, many country resorts and parks are accessible, offering a taste of life in the countryside. Finally, some of the famous beaches of the Brazilian coast are only a two-hour drive away.

Campinas is served by a comprehensive transportation network that can take you from any part of town to another in a fast and comfortable trip.


Ana Silvia Volpi Scott
Diego Ramiro Fariñas
Maisa Faleiros da Cunha
Maria Silvia Casagrande Beozzo Bassanezi





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