19 a 21 de maio de 2016 / 19-21 May 2016

Escola de Educação Corporativa da Universidade (Educorp)
Universidade Estadual de Campinas – University of Campinas
Campinas – São Paulo/ Brazil

Seminar participants will need to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. However, the Seminar Organizing Committee has submitted funding proposals to Brazilian institutions in order to secure additional resources for the seminar, which, if successful, would help reduce the cost of accommodation, especially for students and those coming from low-income countries.

Participants can choose their own accommodation but the Organizing Committee suggests the following hotel, which is located within the campus:

Casa do Professor Visitante – CPV
Avenida Érico Veríssimo, 1251 – Campus Unicamp – Barão Geraldo.
Campinas - SP
Telefones: 19 – 3521-2809 / 3521-2810.
E-mail: cpv@funcamp.unicamp.br

IMPORTANT: If you wish to stay in this hotel, please contact: iussp.campinas.seminar@gmail.com, as soon as possible and no later than April 15th.

Estimated cost per night of Casa do Professor Visitante
Single R$ 245,00
Double = R$ 255,00
Twin = R$ 255,00
Extra bed (suíte) = R$ 75,00
Suite (1 ou 2 guests) = R$ 285,00
Breakfast included in the daily (free);
free parking; Internet free;
Check-in and check-out at 12: 00h;
Not charge service fee
(US$ 1 = R$ 3,75)

Other options for accommodation (neighborhood): Barão Geraldo District where is located UNICAMP

Hotel Matiz Barão Geraldo Campinas
Avenida Albino José Barbosa de Oliveira, 1700 – Barão Geraldo – Campinas - SP
Telefone: 19 – 3749-8500.
E-mail: matizbaraogeraldo@hotelariabrasil.com.br

Hotel Barão do Café
Estrada da Rhodia km 04 nº 3600
Telefones: 19 - 3287.5245 / 3287-7824
E-mail: hotelbaraodocafe@hotmail.com

Pousada Universitária
Rua Antonio Galvão Oliveira Barros, 101- Barão Geraldo – Campinas - SP
Telefone: 19 – 3308-6656
E-mail: reserva@pousadauniversitaria.com.br

Hostel Chaplins
Rua Germano Casellatto, 199 Barão Geraldo
Telefone: 19 - 3325-0097
E-mail contato@chaplins.com.br

Pousada Flat da Lagoa
Rua Aristides Lobo, 934 (Próximo à Unicamp).
Cidade Universitária – Barão Geraldo. Campinas – SP.
Telefone: 19 – 3307-6446
E-mail: flatdalagoa@gmail.com
Facebook: flat da lagoa

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