19 a 21 de maio de 2016 / 19-21 May 2016

Escola de Educação Corporativa da Universidade (Educorp)
Universidade Estadual de Campinas – University of Campinas
Campinas – São Paulo/ Brazil

TRAINING DAY – 18/05/2016

Nepo – Unicamp
Av Albert Einstein, 1300 – Cidade Universitária “Zeferino Vaz”

With this training day we want, very explicitly, to promote the development of longitudinal databases and to encourage the use of life-course, intergenerational methods of analysis and census microdata especially among young historical demographers. These methods and sources require a re-focusing of the time dimension favored by historians from a macro (trends and structures) to a micro (individuals and the families) perspective and substantively contributes to a new understanding of the demographic transition. Important in this regard are the development of longitudinal micro-level data resources covering national populations based on both population registers and linked census-based data. This is, for sure, the most dynamic area of research right now, and also the one where we can expect most progress.

The training day will be divided in two blocks. A 4 hours introductory course to the basics of longitudinal analisys and a second block on the use of Census microdata with an introduction to IPUMS (Integrated Public Use Microdata Series) and the NAPP project (North Atlantic Population Project). Since is a introductory course only a basic knowledge of statistics and statistical packages is required. Languages: Spanish and English.

10 secrets of IPUMS (9-11)
Nepo – Unicamp (Lab. 16)
Dr. Robert McCaa (Minnesota Population Center)

Integrating Norwegian Censuses 1801 to 1910 in the North Atlantic Population Project (NAPP) (11-12)
Nepo – Unicamp (Lab. 16)
Dr. Gunnar Thorvaldsen (University of Tromsø)


Análisis Longitudinal (14-18)
Nepo – Unicamp (Lab. 16)
Dr. Bárbara Revuelta Eugercios (Saxo Institute-University of Copenhagen)

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