Population Change in Brazil: contemporary perspectives

Coordenado por Daniel Joseph Hogan (Org)

The Population Studies Center (Núcleo de Estudos de População - NEPO) of the State University of Campinas has dedicated two decades of intensive work to inter disciplinary research and the consolidation of training programs in the fields of Demography and Population Studies. With the conviction that distinctions such as basic vs. applied science, research vs. extension, or classroom vs. the real world laboratory are false dichotomies which only serve to reinforce ivory tower academism or ad hoc, incoherent social policies, NEPO has sought to construct a "concerned demography" with a rigorous theoretical and methodological base. NEPO has always understood the analysis of the social, economic, cultural and political determinants and consequences of demographic phenomena as an integral part of population science. In the context of recent historical changes in basic demographic parameters and of major cultural changes, NEPO has sought to identify, understand and explain socio-demographic transformations. The obvious impacts for social policy highlighted the importance of permanent dialog with government agencies at all levels and with NGOs. 

August 2001.




Elza Berquó

Demographic Evolution of the Brazilian Population during the Twentieth Century 

José Marcos Pinto da Cunha
Marta Maria Azevedo

Demographic and Socio-Cultural Aspects of Population Mobility in Brazil 

Maria Coleta de Oliveira

Women`s Status and Labor Regimes: the demand for fertility regulation 

Maria Silvia C. Bassanezi

Family and Immigration in the Brazilian Past

Maria Coleta de Oliveir
Elisabete Bilac
Malvina Muszkat

The "family man": conjugality and fatherhood among middle-class Brazilian men in the 1990s

Maria Isabel Balta da Rocha

The Abortion Issue in Brazil: a study of the debate in Congress 

Maria Coleta de Oliveira 

Hormones for All: the social construction of female maturity and the menopausa

Regina Maria Barbosa

Sexual Negotiation or Negotiated Sex? Power, Gender and Sexuality in Times of Aids.

Suzana M. Cavenaghi
Jospeh E. Potter

A Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Fertility Transition and the Health Care Delivery System in Brazil 

Daniel J. Hogan 

Population Mobility and Environment

Rosana Baeninger

 Migration and Urbanization in São Paulo: the new scenario

José Marcos Pinto da Cunha

Intraregional Mobility in the Context of Migratory Changes in Brazil between 1970 and 1991: the case of the São Paulo Metropolitan Region

Daniel Joseph Hogan
Roberto Luiz do Carmo
Humberto Prates F. Alves
Izilda Aparecida Rodrigues

Urbanization, Migration and Sustainability in the Riviera Valley: environment conservation and living conditions of local 

Daniel Joseph Hogan
Roberto Luiz do Carmo
José Marcos Pinto da Cunha

Land Use and Land Cover Change in Brazil`s Center-West: demographic, social and environmental consequences 

Estela Maria G.  Pinto da Cunha

1. Infant Mortality an Race: differences of inequality

2. Race: A Forgotten aspect of inequality in health levels in Brazil?

Elza Berquó

The Evolution of the Population Question in the Twentieth Century 



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